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Privacy Policy

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Subaru Global Media Site (http://www.media.subaru-global.com) is being operated as a service for the press.
Those that wish to use the data download service of this Web site need to first register their personal information.

The following outlines the concept and handling method for personal information registered with this Web site.

  • Personal information registration
  • The personal information requested for registration, specifically your name, email address, telephone number, and address, is primarily required in order to send you information on the services of the Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Subaru Global Media Site.

    You may also be asked for information other than that necessary for providing the service you require.
    However, except for the basic required items, you have the option not to provide such information.
  • Handling of personal information
  • Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. may not alter the information registered by the user without the user's consent.
    Please be aware that the registered information may be conveyed to a third party, depending on the type of service of this Web site.
    (For example, your name and address may be forwarded to a company that has been consigned delivery or other services.)
    Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. shall take the necessary measures within reason to protect the privacy of the users of this Web site.
    This registered information will also be notified to PR staff of distributors which cover each registered user in each area.
  • Guarantee and limitations
  • The use of the Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Subaru Global Media Site public Web site shall be undertaken at the user's own responsibility.
    Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. shall bear no responsibility for any kind of loss that may occur due to the use of any information obtained from this Web site or any other Web site linked to it.
    Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Subaru Global Media Site may change any of the policies above. In such cases all changes shall be posted on this Web site.
  • Security measures
  • < SSL >
    Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology when sending and receiving personal information with the user. SSL is a protocol for encrypting data before it is sent over the Internet, and certification can be performed by the Certificate Authority (CA). The security system is made strong through the interconnection of three elements: the client (user's browser), the SSL server (Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.), and the CA. SSL has been developed by the Netscape Communications Corporation.

    < CA >
    CA is an abbreviation for the Certificate Authority. In order to prevent a third party from assuming the identity of another person or Web site on the Internet, the CA confirms and notifies you whether the other party is indeed the intended party by using the double key format of public and private keys. A key is a code for encrypting and decrypting messages, and the public key encryption format (RSA) is an encryption format for encrypting and decrypting with two keys, the public and private keys. Fuji heavy Industries Ltd. uses the CA issued by Verisign. RSA has been developed by RSA Data Security.
  • Applicable law and courts of jurisdiction
  • The interpretation and application of the usage of this Web site and these usage conditions shall be based upon the laws of Japan, unless otherwise provided. Furthermore, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from the use of this Web site, unless otherwise specified.