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Terms of Use

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  • This Web site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Any personal information that you input will be encrypted.
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  • All the information contained on this Web site is protected by various laws including copyright law.
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  • Prohibition of unauthorized use
  • Any use of information contained on this Web site for commercial purposes (use, playback, reproduction, copying, sale, or resale, etc.) not authorized by the copyright holder and beyond the scope recognized by law, is prohibited.
  • Handling of photos
  • Photos provided on the downloadable pages may only be used for news purposes. All other photos on the Web site may not be used in principle.
    If you wish to use such photos, please inquire of the Advertising Department about it each time.
    Furthermore, do not use image processing on the images that you download.
  • Downloading
  • Please read the Site Usage Precautions before downloading any images.
    Since specifications differ by region, refer to the Country Specifications Chart for the appropriate image specifications.
    Please note that this Web site contains European market (LHD) specifications.

    Image specifications
    File format: JPEG (.jpg) / Illustrator (.ai) / EPS (.eps)
    Mode: RGB or CMYK
    Resolution: 72dpi – 350dpi
    Up to A4 size output (Except some images)

    This will differ depending on your machine and connection environment.
    If it takes a long time to download an image in Large size, we recommend downloading it in just Small size.

    If you need an image higher than the above in resolution, please contact us directly.